The CPUC oversees and approves the energy efficiency programs funded by charges established in:

Public Utilities Code Section 381 (Public Goods Charge):  

  • Created by Assembly Bill (AB) 1890 in September 1996
  • Established a Public Goods Charge (PGC) that consumers pay on electricity consumption for cost-effective energy efficiency, renewable technologies, and public interest research
  • In September 2000, AB 995 became law, extending the electric PGC through January 1, 2012

Public Utilities Code Section 890 – 900 (Gas Surcharge): 

  • Created by AB 1002 in February 1999
  • Established a natural gas surcharge to fund cost-effective energy efficiency and other public purpose programs

Public Utilities Code Section 399.15 (b)/379.5:  

  • Created by AB 970 in September 2000 for expanded energy efficiency programs plus new load control and distributed generation initiatives
  • SBx1-5 (April 2001):
  • Expanded appliance, lighting, and HVAC rebates, appliance recycling, and oil and gas efficiency programs