Energy-Efficiency-Program-ImplementersCalifornia has led the nation in energy efficiency programs since the 1970s. Due to the state’s efficiency programs, per capita energy use has remained flat, while the rest of the US has increased by about 33 percent. Energy efficiency activities between 2010 and 2012 resulted in enough energy savings to power nearly 800,000 homes for a year and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 5.3 million tons, the equivalent of removing more than 1 million cars from California’s roads.

The CPUC regulates ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs. The CPUC works with the investor-owned utilities, other program administrators, and vendors to develop programs and measures to transform technology markets within California using ratepayer funds.


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Energy Efficiency Programs and Policy Initiatives

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Energy Efficiency News and Information

EM&V Quarterly Meeting August 7, 2023

EM&V Quarterly Meeting March 21, 2023

EM&V Quarterly Meeting November 29, 2022

What is the impact of CPUC Energy Efficiency programs? See 2021 Results and 2022 Look Ahead

Phasing Out Natural Gas EE Incentives Staff Proposal.  A webinar on this topic was held on August 26, 2022. The materials from this workshop are available on the Rolling Portfolio Program Guidance webpage

Service List Notice of EE Evaluation Stakeholder Webinars - July 21, 2022

Service List Notice of EE Evaluation Stakeholder Webinars - March 29, 2022

EM&V Quarterly Meeting December 14, 2021

EM&V Quarterly Meeting December 8, 2020

What is the impact of CPUC Energy Efficiency programs? See 2019 Results and 2020 Look Ahead

Draft 2018 ESPI Ex-Post Savings Performance Statement 

2018 ESPI Database and Tool Webinar

March 2020 Impact Evaluation Stakeholder Workshop and Webinars  

CPUC staff Selected Custom Project Review Status Tracking  

Custom Projects Guidance Documents Info-Webinar 10/14/2019 Presentation Slides

Evaluation, Measurement and Verification research plans are out for comment! Please click on these links for more information:

Evaluation Report Stakeholder Workshop/Webinars

Track 2 Working Group

Rolling Portfolio Program Guidance

Bidder's Library - Contract Group A

Energy Efficiency Baselines  - Information and workshops regarding existing baselines and AB 802 implementation

Rulemaking R.13-11-005 - Establishes a proceeding in which to fund the current energy efficiency portfolios through 2015, implement energy efficiency "rolling portfolios", and address various related policy.

Phase II Proposed Decision - August 18, 2015

2010-2012 Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report issued April 8, 2015 provides detailed evaluation updates of energy efficiency savings and goals accomplishments for California investor owned utilities. See Evaluation Section for more information.

2013 Industrial Agricultural Large Commercial Non-Residential New Construction Whole Building Impact Evaluation Final Report - 7/24/2015

2013 Custom Impact Evaluation Industrial, Agricultural, and Large Commercial Final Report - 7/17/2015

2013-14 Energy Division Investor-owned Utilities Compliance Filing Reviews