The Commission instituted Rulemaking R. 20-08-022 to examine options to assist electricity and natural gas customers with investments in residential and commercial buildings and at industrial and agricultural sites designed to decrease energy use, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and/or produce clean energy to support customers' on-site needs.  

This rulemaking is designed specifically to examine options that encourage larger-scale and deeper investments in one or more clean energy resources at customer sites.  In addition, this rule-making will examine options for multiple sources of funding by combining and leveraging ratepayer funds with private financing to support these more comprehensive investments. 

Order Instituting Rulemaking R. 20-08-022


Clean Energy Financing Workshop  - May 12, 2022

Clean Energy Financing Workshop - March 25, 2022

Clean Energy Financing Workshop - January 28-29, 2021 

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