2019 Potential and Goals

This section describes ongoing activities to conduct the 2019 Potential and Goals Study, which informed energy efficiency goals set by the commission in August 2019. 7/15/2019  Final Report released via Proposed Decision.  Formal comment period through August 5th, 2019 with reply comments due August 12th, 2019.  All final study documentation has been updated since the 5/1 draft release to reflect changes requested by stakeholders.  Appendix I of the final report documents Navigant responses to technical responses to technical stakeholder comments.

5/1/2019 Draft report released via Ruling.  Formal comment period through May 21, 2019, with reply comments due May 31st.

2019 Potential and Goals Workshops and Webinars:

3/31/2019  Model Calibration, BROs, and Preliminary Results Workshop

This workshop provided stakeholders an opportunity to enjage with the Potential and Goals Study team on the topic of market potential calibration.  The study team presented preliminary draft market potential results fo rrebate programs and BROs with an emphasis on high impact sectors and end uses.  The team then facilitated a discussion and sought feedback and input from stakeholders regardng their expectations for future trends that may not have been captured in the preliminary forecast.  Supporting documents:  Presentation Slides, BROs Pre-Release Documents, and BROs Draft Input Data.

2/21/2019  Webinar on Potential Study Scenarios

The P&G Study is scoped with developing multiple scenarios of future market potential for energy efficiency programs.  Scenarios inform the CPUCs goal setting process.  In this webinar, the team shared with interested stakholders the approach and options for setting scenarios.  Stakeholders provided informal feedback during and after the webinar to inform the final scenarios that were run by the model.  Supporting documents:  Webinar Slides, Comments

2/4/2019  AIMS Methodology Webinar

This webinar described the methodology used to develop the energy efficiency potential in the Agricultural, Industrial, Mining, and Streetlighting (AIMS) sectors for emerging technologies and custom technologies.  The team described the characterization of the savings and the top down modeling to calculate potential.  Supporting documents:  Webinar Slides, Comments

1/11/2019  2019 Potential and Goals Study Kickoff Workshop

This workshop provided stakeholders an opportunity to engage with CPUC Staff and the prime contractor Navigant regarding the 2019 Potential and Goals Study, as well as other "Contract Group E" work including market studies, Additional Achievable Energy Efficiency Scenarios, SB 350 IOU Targets Update, Feasibility Study Related to Integrated Resource Planning, and the Feasibility Study on setting locational Energy Efficiency targets.  Supporting documents:  Webinar Slides, Workplan, Comments