This page serves for Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP) data and information. For details about program parameters and how to participate in ELRP, please go to the main ELRP webpage here.

In 2021, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) created an innovative program, the Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP), to pilot a new Demand Response approach to help avoid rotating outages during peak summer electricity usage periods from May thru October. The ELRP started in 2021 with commercial customer participation. In December 2021, the CPUC expanded the program to include residential customers for Summer 2022 and beyond.

ELRP Performance and Dispatch Data

ELRP has been dispatched multiple times in summers of 2021 and 2022, lowering electricity demand statewide during critical conditions when the state needs it most. Data concerning these dispatches can be found below.

 2022 Season (Excel spreadsheets)

Hourly data updated to include LIP values 4/19/2023

ELRP Procedural History (R.20-11-003, A.22-02-005 et al.)

  • R.20-11-003
    • D.21-03-056: Established ELRP pilot program for summers 2021-2025
    • D.21-06-027: Clarifying Group A day-of and day-ahead triggers
    • D.21-12-015: ELRP Phase II adding residential customers and VGI aggregators to Group A, adding day-of trigger to group B, increasing compensation rate to $2/kWh, and more.
      • Attachment 2: ELRP pilot program Phase II guidance and parameters
    • D.21-12-069: Executive Director's order correcting inadvertent errors in D.21-12-015
  • A.22-02-005, et al.
    • ALJ Jungreis Ruling: Provided ELRP program data for 2022 season (found in the Ruling in pdf form)
    • D.23-12-005: Extended nonresidential ELRP through 2027, lowered compensation rate for power saver rewards to $1/kWh of incremental load reduction, reduced the event window for A.4 (VPP) and A.5 (VGI) from 5 hours to 3 hours, et al.