LSE'S 2022 Integrated Resource Plans

 3 Phases Renewables  
 Apple Valley Choice Energy
 Bear Valley Electric Service
Calpine PowerAmerica-CA   
Central Coast Community Energy
Energy for Palmdale's Independent Choice
Pomona Choice Energy
Clean Energy Alliance
Clean Power Alliance

Commercial Energy of California

Constellation New Energy, Inc  
Desert Community Energy
Direct Energy Business  
East Bay Community Energy
EDF Industrial Power Services (CA)  
King City Community Power  
Lancaster Choice Energy
Liberty Utilities  
Marin Clean Energy
Orange County Power Authority
Pacific Gas and Electric
Peninsula Clean Energy Authority
Pico River Innovative Municipal Energy  
Pilot Power Group  
Pioneer Community Energy
Rancho Mirage Energy Authority
Redwood Coast Energy Authority
San Diego Community Power
San Diego Gas and Electric
San Jacinto Power
 San Jose Clean Energy
Santa Barbara Clean Energy
Shell Energy North America  
Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority
Sonoma Clean Power
Southern California Edison
University of California Office of the President
Valley Clean Energy Alliance