Preferred System Plan and Portfolios for 2024-25 Transmission Planning Process

IRP Inputs and Assumptions

IRP Filing Requirements

Workshop - 6/7/2023 - IRP Workshop for 2023 Inputs and Assumption (I&A) Document

Workshop - 9/20/2022 - IRP Workshop for Staff Options Paper on the Reliable and Clean Power Procurement Program

Workshop - 12/17/2021 - IRP Offshore Wind Roadmap

  • Objective:  To further develop understanding of the role of the CPUC's integrated Resource Planning (IRP) process in relation to California offshore wind development
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Modeling Advisory Group 

Webinar 3 - 9/22/2022 - IRP Inputs and Assumptions (I&A)

Webinar 2 - 7/19/2022 - IRP Filing Requirements and Reliability Planning Analysis

  • Objective: To promote stakeholder understanding of reliability modeling inputs, methodology and results being used in this IRP cycle so far, re information to be used in Load Serving Entities’ plan development. The webinar is also to gain feedback from stakeholders to inform reliability modeling planned for later this IRP cycle, and to provide an update on the overall schedule for IRP inputs and assumptions development.
  • Presentation slides*
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  • Webinar written Q&A log
  • *Subsequent to this webinar, staff completed it effective load carrying capability (ELCC) studies: LSE PRM and ELCC Study Results, 7/29/2022

    Webinar 1 - 4/07/2022 - IRP Filing Requirements and Reliability Planning Analysis

    • Objective: To provide an overview of the scope and schedule for issuing Load Serving Entities' (LSE) integrated resource plan (IRP) filing requirements and discuss approaches for LSE reliability planning
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