A.17-05-004 Test Year 2018 Docket  

In its application, Golden State Water Company, on behalf of Bear Valley Electric Services (BVES) request cost recovery in rates, an increase in general rates, energy supply charges and certain other charges; authority to implement additional programs and change certain unmetered charges and fees; and authority to implement certain revenue adjustment mechanisms and memorandum accounts

BVES requests a Test Year 2018 overall 4.4% decrease in total operating revenue requirements; a decrease of approximately $1.7 million.  If a proposed new sur-credit for the Supply Adjustment Charge is implemented in mid-year 2018, there will be an additional decrease.  BVES is requesting increases in total operating revenues of 4.6%, 6.0% and 5.5% for TY 2019, 2020 and 2021, respectively. 

Previous Bear Valley Electric Services GRC Decisions:

  • D.16-02-021 (granted Golden State Water Company's petition to modify D.14-11-002 to file BVES's next GRC application for Test Year 2018 prior to March 31, 2017 and its cost allocation and rate design prior to May 1, 2017.  The Commission granted granted an additional extension on April 20, 2017, to allow BVES to file the GRC application for Test Year 2018 by May 1, 2017 and its cost allocation and rate design by May 15, 2017.) A.12-02-013  Docket  
  • D.14-11-002 (authorized Bear Valley Electric Services to increase the amount of revenues to can collect from customers by $1.2 million in 2013 (or 3%), by $0.4 million in 2014 (or 0.2%), by $0.4 million in 2015 (or 0.2%), and by $0.4 million in 2016 (or 0.2%))  A.12-02-013  Docket