The California Broadband Cost Model (CBCM) was commissioned by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to estimate the capital cost of broadband infrastructure needed to provide service to unserved serviceable locations. As the document states, “The purpose of the CBCM is to provide the CPUC and state policy makers with cost estimates for broadband across the state.”

The CBCM Report – December 2020 is available for download here. The set of 4 Data Tables found in the Report are also available, along with the first set of maps produced for the Report. This set of 6 maps illustrates cost comparisons across the state, broken-out by speed tier and county. Additional tables and maps will be produced going forward by CPUC staff.

As the Report states, CPUC has designed the CBCM as part of an iterative process. Additional variables, refined California-specific cost inputs, and other adjustments may be made in the future.

Online CBCM Documents:

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