Interconnection agreements are contracts between telecommunications carriers to interconnect their networks and exchange traffic.

If you need information or assistance in filing New Interconnection Agreements, Amendments, and Opt-in Interconnection Agreements, please review the following information:

    Resolution ALJ-181: Interconnection Rules  

    General Order G96-B Section 8.1: Negotiated Interconnection Agreements  

      Promptly upon execution of an interconnection agreement arrived at through negotiation pursuant to Section 252 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (47 USC § 252), the agreement must be submitted by advice letter for Commission approval. The advice letter will be subject to review and disposition within the timeframes provided for such advice letters by Resolution ALJ-181 (October 5, 2000), as may be modified by the Commission from time to time, and in conformity with federal law.

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