An Order to Disconnect is a formal directive issued by the Executive Director of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). This order instructs a telephone carrier to disconnect a telephone number associated with a business that has been cited by an agency under the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). These DCA agencies conduct investigations into businesses that may be operating without the required license, issue citations based on their findings, and require the cited businesses to address the violations. If a cited business fails to address the issued citation, the DCA agency uses an Order to Disconnect to instruct the carrier providing the telephone number to disconnect it.

Resolution T-17464 amends resolution T-15630, which grants the Executive Director of the CPUC the authority to order the disconnection of telephone numbers featured in advertisements by unlicensed professional and vocational practitioners. This authority is granted in response to requests from agencies listed in the current Business and Professions Code (BPC) Section §149, as well as any agencies added to this list in the future due to statutory changes.

Submitting a Disconnection Request

  • Provide the following information as a package electronically:
    • A formal disconnection request letter to CPUC Communications Division (CD),
    • Copy of citation issued by Agency; and
    • Other relevant information or supporting documents.
  • Please address your letter to the current Communications Division (CD) Director:

Robert B. Osborn
Director, Communications Division   
California Public Utilities Commission  
505 Van Ness Avenue 
San Francisco, California 94102   

  • Do not send hard copies by mail. Submit the Disconnection Request package electronically via email to:

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