The Commission, in Proceeding R.05-04-005, adopted regulations consistent with both statutory guidance and market conditions to rely more heavily on competitive forces to produce "just and reasonable" rates for California's telephone consumers. Though, basic services remain subject to tariff filing with the Commission, service providers may adjust rates in response to the market conditions, effective when filed.

Small, rural local exchange carriers are subject to regulations that minimize any basic telephone service rate disparity between rural and metropolitan areas. These companies are subject to stricter tariff review than are URF companies. For more information, see the California High Cost Fund-A page on the Commission's website.

Uniform Regulatory Framework (URF) Carrier Basic Service Pricing Reports

 The following reports reflect monitoring of rates of the largest incumbent local exchange carriers subject to the Commission’s Uniform Regulatory Framework.

Telecommunications Tariffs

All local exchange service providers and many long-distance service providers file intrastate tariffs with the California Public Utilities Commission. Service providers file tariff changes by Advice Letter provided to the Communications Division. Information on Advice Letter filings is posted in the Commission's Daily Calendar. Please call your service provider to obtain current copies of their tariffs and Advice Letter filings.

The Communications Division does not maintain electronic copies of tariffs. However, some service providers may have tariffs posted on their web sites. Tariffs posted on utility web sites may not be those currently approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. Please verify with your service provider that any rate or charge you may find is currently authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Links to Telecommunications Utility Web Sites

(Neither the California Public Utilities Commission nor the Communications Division of the California Public Utilities Commission guarantees or assures the accuracy of the tariffs filed on utility web sites below. They are provided for general information only and any rates, terms or conditions of service should be verified by directly contacting the utility.)