Keep Application Material Current

Any material change in the information required by the CTA Application Form shall be provided to the PUC within 60 days, except for any change in the telephone number or address, which must be reported within five days of such a change. (P.U. Code Section 982(d)).

Report changes using appropriate pages of the last submitted Application Update Form and Return by Electronic Mail to:  

Annual Fee

On June 23, 2022, the CPUC adopted Resolution G-3589, which decreased the annual fee charged to all registered Core Transport Agents (CTAs) of record for the year beginning July 1, 2022. The new annual fee includes a base and a variable component. The base fee is charged to all CTAs and was increased from $3,955 to $3,864. The variable component is determined by the number and type of complaints about each CTA received by the Customer Affairs Branch and the Utility Enforcement Branch of the CPUC for the action period January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021. This variable fee shall be updated annually based on the number of complaints received in the previous year unless modified by a new resolution. The Annual Fee Letter and Statement is billed by the Energy Division and due as indicated after July 1 of each year. CTAs will have 30 days from notice to pay or will be assessed a 15% late-payment penalty.


Written Notice of Price, Terms and Conditions of Service

Pursuant to PU Code Section 986 and 984.5, CTAs are required to submit their most recent Written Notice of Price, Terms and Conditions of Service on a semi-annual basis to the Commission.  D.18-02-002 sets the semi-annual filing due dates as January 15th and June 15th.  Please refer to Appendix C  of D.18-02-002 for the uniform format adopted by the Commission.  Please note:  CTAs may file an alternate to this uniform format, but it must include all the requirements from PU Code Section 986 and any additional rules adopted in D.18-02-002 (Ordering Paragraph 4(a)(i)).

Please send your updated contact information to CPUC's Energy Division by filling out the Regulatory Contact Info Update Request Form.