Passenger Stage Corporation & Vessel Common Carrier

Passenger Stage Corporation (PSC) are carriers that transport passengers between points on an individual fare basis.  Examples are fixed-route bus services and "share-the-ride" airport shuttle services.

Vessel Common Carrier (VCC) are carriers that transport persons or property between points within the state.  Examples are commute ferry services in the San Francisco Bay and service between California mainland points and Catalina.

PSCs and VCCs are considered common carriers and must file with the commission through a formal process.  Both carrier types require a "certificate of public convenience and necessity" (CPCN) from the CPUC for the authority to operate.

PSC and VCC Authority Requirements

Phase 1: Draft and Submit Application through the Commission Docketing Process

Phase 2: Formal Filing Process

  • Carrier formal application review under the Commission

Phase 3: Compliance Items After Receiving a CPCN Approved by the Commission

  • Submit a copy of the Acceptance Letter and Tariff
  • Submit and resolve all licensing compliance items requested by the license section.
  • Carriers will receive an approval letter from the Commission once the Acceptance Letter, Tariff, and Licensing Compliance Items have been resolved.

Contact Us

Mail for Application Submission: California Public Utilities Commission
                                                    ATTN: Docket Office
                                                    505 Van Ness Avenue
                                                    San Francisco, CA 94102

Email for Questions: 
Mail for Questions: CPUC Transportation Licensing and Analysis Branch
                               505 Van Ness Avenue
                               San Francisco, CA 94102



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