Transportation Carrier Mandated Reports

Quarterly and Annual PUC Transportation Reimburse Account (PUCTRA) Fee Statements

Pursuant to the Public Utilities Code Section 421(a), the commission shall annually determine a fee to be paid by every passenger stage corporation, charter-party carrier of passengers, pipeline corporation, for-hire vessel operator, common carrier vessel operator, railroad corporation, and commercial air operator, and every other common carrier and related business subject to the jurisdiction of the commission.

Effective December 3, 2020, Resolution M-4840 revises the PUCTRA user fees provided in Public Utilities Code Section 421 as follows:

Passenger Vehicle Operators:

Charter Party Carriers, including Transportation Network Companies and Passenger Stage Corporations

0.0000 (0%) of gross intrastate revenue and $0 for each quarterly or annual fee.

Vessel Operators:

Common Carrier Vessel Operator

0.0033 of gross intrastate revenue plus minimum $10 quarterly fee or $25 annual fee

PUCTRA Worksheet Calculator

  • PUCTRA Worksheet Calculator: Complete your PUCTRA statement using the PUCTRA Worksheet Calculator to calculate your fees for you, print, and mail back to the CPUC


Helpful Tips:

  • Please make sure that you write your carrier ID number on the form (TCP, PSC, VCC).
  • If you are paying with a check please indicate the Carrier ID# and period you are paying.
  • Make a copy for your records.

PUCTRA Individual Fee Statements – Passenger Carrier (TCP, PSC)

PUCTRA Fee Statements – Vessel Common Carrier (VCC)

Mail PUCTRA statements with payment to:

California Public Utilities Commission
Fiscal Office
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102-3298

If you need information on paying your quarterly or annual fees, contact the Fiscal office at

Request for Change of PUCTRA Reporting Status

If you are currently reporting your PUCTRA fees quarterly AND your reported annual gross intrastate revenue for the previous year was less than $100,000, you may request to switch to report Annually by completing PL 708: Request for Change of PUCTRA Reporting Status form. Requests will be granted upon verification of quarterly gross intrastate revenue reported for the previous year.


Annual Workers' Compensation Reports

Pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 5374.6, every charter-party carrier earning over three hundred fifty thousand dollars ($350,000) in annual gross operating revenue shall, under oath, file annually a report indicating the number, classification, and compensation of all employees and owner-operator drivers hired or engaged during the reporting period. The commission shall submit a copy of the report to the administrator of the carrier’s workers’ compensation self-insurance plan if the carrier is self-insured, or to the carrier’s workers’ compensation insurer if the carrier’s workers’ compensation protection is provided by a policy or policies of insurance.

Blank Annual Workers' Compensation Reports and Forms


Mail Workers' Compensation Reports to:

California Public Utilities Commission
Transportation Licensing
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102-3298

or email your completed Worker's Compensation Report to

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