The CPUC's Local Government and Community Outreach Office focuses on engaging and educating California communities about the CPUC's programs, proceedings, decisions, and initiatives.

Local Government and Community Liaisons represent specific regions throughout the state and maintain relationships with government officials, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders by providing timely information to enhance awareness of the CPUC's policies and priorities.

The Local Government and Community Outreach team would like to connect with you. If you have a question or would like to schedule a presentation tailored to your community, contact a Local Government and Community Liaison by selecting the appropriate region from the map below.

CPUC Local Government Liaison Territories

Outreach Map

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Naveed Paydar: 415-703-1437, (Northern California)

Andrew Rubang: 628-221-1556, (Northern California)

Jesus Torres: 213-563-9873, (Southern California)

Chris Moore: 213-576-7095, (Southern California)

Asia Powell: 213-266-4732, (Southern California)               

Hope Christman: 213-266-4731, (Southern California)