The CPUC's Business and Community Outreach (BCO) program focuses on outreach to stakeholders, the Supplier Diversity Program, and the Small Business Program. The BCO team plays an integral role in the CPUC’s efforts to assure Californians maintain access to safe and reliable utility infrastructure and services. It is involved in the development of policies and programs that serve all ratepayers so that the work of the CPUC remains transparent, and the final product reflects the diverse views of California communities.

Outreach efforts focus on engaging and educating about the CPUC's programs, proceedings, decisions, and initiatives.

The Local Government and Community Outreach Liaisons lead the CPUC’s efforts to engage and educate the public while building and maintaining working relationships. Outreach Liaisons strive to reach diverse people and groups to meaningfully include them in CPUC decision-making process to ensure protections are afforded to all Californians. The CPUC has stepped up its efforts to be transparent about its activities and has expanded its resources across the state to enable deeper engagement with local governments and communities. CPUC's Outreach Liaisons are embedded in communities across the state and are available to assist with questions and concerns across the CPUC’s industry areas.

The Supplier Diversity program promotes and monitors supplier diversity in procurement by utilities and oversees a certification clearinghouse. The CPUC encourages investor-owned utilities to purchase 21.5 percent of its goods and services from diverse firms (15 percent minority-owned, 5 percent women-owned and 1.5 percent disabled veteran-owned firms) including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)-owned firms.

The Small Business program focuses on two areas:

  1. Promoting procurement opportunities with the state and utilities;
  2. Providing education and outreach necessary to raise internal and external awareness of various regulatory and legislative policy issues impacting the small business community.

The CPUC also assists small businesses with utility related complaints, issues, and informs small businesses of CPUC contracting opportunities.  

CPUC’s Business and Community Outreach Team

To contact the CPUC’s Business and Community Outreach team, please select the appropriate team from the list below and call or e-mail:

Program and Project Supervisor

Stephanie Green: 415-703-5245,

Business Programs

Bezawit Dilgassa: 415-703-5269, (Northern California)

Drisha Melton: 213-620-2688, (Southern California)

Sean Chaffin: 916-531-7707, (Northern California)

Local Government and Community Outreach Liaisons

Naveed Paydar: 415-703-1437, (Northern California)

Chris Moore: 213-576-7095, (Southern California)

Asia Powell: 213-266-4732, (Southern California)               

Hope Christman: 213-266-4731, (Southern California)

Jesus Torres: 213-563-9873, (Southern California)

Marketing and Education

Daisy Yee: 415-703-1432,


Questions about Outreach, Supplier Diversity or Small Business Programs?

If you have any questions about Business and Community Outreach's Programs, please contact Stephanie Green, Program and Project Supervisor, at 415-703-5245 or