The California Public Utilities Commission's Small Business Program advocates for small businesses (SB) and disabled veteran business enterprises (DVBE) to ensure their participation in state and utility contracts. The Program supports the economic vitality of SBs and DVBEs by offering programs and initiatives that improve their access to opportunities and competitiveness. The Program:

  • Promotes development of SBs and DVBEs by providing resources and information about state and utility contracting opportunities.
  • Ensures the inclusion of SBs and DVBEs in CPUC procurement and contracting needs.
  • Provides the education and outreach necessary to raise internal and external awareness of various regulatory and legislative policy issues impacting the SB and DVBE communities.

Small Business Program


Please feel free to contact our Small Business Liaison, Bezawit Dilgassa, via e-mail at or call 800-253-0500.

California Public Utilities Commission
Small Business Liaison, Bezawit Dilgassa
505 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94102-3298
Phone: 415-703-5269
Fax: 415-703-2666

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