Program Overview

The CPUC strives to include the needs and voices of underserved and underrepresented communities in its decision-making processes. In 2022, the California Legislature appropriated $30,000,000 in the Budget Act of 2022 (AB 179) for capacity grants to Tribes and community-based organizations (CBOs) for participation in CPUC decision-making processes and supporting activities. The Equity and Access (E&A) Grant Program was created to implement this legislation.

The E&A Grant Program consists of three grant accounts:

Public Participation Grant Account

The Public Participation Grant Account begun accepting applications on September 8, 2023. Please refer to the PP Grant Account Application Coversheet and Instructions below.

The Public Participation (PP) Grant Account is intended to remove financial and capacity-based barriers to participation while creating a flexible and accessible process to apply for and receive compensation. Eligible organizations are compensated for their time up to a maximum of $15,000 for participating in day-to-day CPUC activities that drive and influence policy decisions.

Equity, Engagement, and Education Grant Account

The Equity, Engagement, and Education Grant Account Cycle 1 is now open from September 8 to October 31, 2023. Please refer to the EEE Grant Account Application Coversheet and Grant Guidelines, both located on the right sidebar under Applicant Resources.

The Equity, Engagement, and Education (EEE) Grant Account will award grants up to $200,000 for the purpose of building CBO, Tribal, and community capacity to understand and engage with CPUC decision-making processes.

Clean Energy Access Grant Account

The Clean Energy Access (CEA) Grant Account will award grants up to $500,000 for work that will address access to or education about the CPUC Microgrid Incentive Program (MIP), Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), Technology and Equipment for Clean Heating Initiative (TECH).

Due to the highly technical nature of the SGIP, MIP, and TECH, the CPUC will provide technical assistance for applicants as well as for grantees. A Clean Energy Subject Matter Expert (SME) will provide technical assistance based on the needs of the Tribe’s or CBO’s community.

For technical assistance requests related to the CEA Grant account, contact the Business and Community Outreach Office at

Amount Available for Grants

E&A Grant Program Funding Breakdown

Funding Account Maximum Grant Award Tribal Reserved Funds* General Non-Reserved Funds Total Available in Account
Public Participation (PP) Grant Account


Equity, Engagement, and Education (EEE) Grant Account


Clean Energy Access (CEA) Grant Account
*Tribal Reserved Funds total is $3,000,000. Tribal applicants (Types 2 and 3 Eligible Applicants described below) will have access to both Tribal Reserved Funds and General Non-Reserved Funds. The Maximum Grant Award limits also apply to Tribal Reserve Funds.

Guidelines and Eligibility

Tribes and CBOs interested in applying should familiarize themselves with the E&A Grant Guidelines.
To apply for the CPUC’s E&A Grant Program, an entity must be one of the following types of applicants:  

  • TYPE 1: California tax-exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 
  • TYPE 2: Federally or non-federally recognized California Native American Tribes, as defined in Public Resources Code (PRC) Section 21073. PRC Section 21073 defines a California Native American Tribe as a Native American Tribe located in California that is on the contact list maintained by the Native American Heritage Commission for the purposes of Chapter 905 of the Statutes of 2004.
  • TYPE 3: Tribal entities, including organizations incorporated under Tribal law and wholly owned by the Tribe, Tribal Section 17 Corporations, and Tribal utilities and authorities operated under Tribal law.

Program Grant Cycles

Funding Account Applications Available Due Date
Public Participation (PP) Grant Account Rolling availability beginning: 
September 8, 2023
Final Due Date:
June 20, 2025 or until funds have been exhausted
Equity, Engagement, and Education (EEE) Grant Account

Round 1:  September 8, 2023

Round 2: 2Q2024

Round 1: October 31, 2023

Round 2:  TBD

 Clean Energy Access (CEA) Grant Account

Round 1: late 2023 or early 2024

Round 2: TBD

Round 1: TBD

Round 2: TBD

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