DEER2016 and Uncertain Measures Updates

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The DEER2016 Update consists of updates to non-residential lighting profiles, lighting technologies, HVAC technologies, residential appliance technologies, recycled refrigerator/freezer measures that are impacted by Federal Refrigerator/Freezer standard updates as well as the results of the Appliance Recycling Program Evaluation, effective useful life values, net to gross ratio values, and gross savings installation adjustment values. 

The Uncertain Measures Update consists of updates to screw-in CFL of all types with wattages of 30 watts and less and T5 fluorescent lamps and fixtures replacing metal halide.  

Incorporating measure cost updates for the DEER2016 Update. 

The DEER2016 Update will be applied to the 2016 portfolio starting on 1/1/2016.  

The Uncertain Measures Update (screw-in CFLs and High Bay lighting measures) will be applied to the portfolio for 1/1/2016 

For more information, contact Katie Wu at   

5/21/2015 DEER2016 Update draft results workshop 

5/15/2015 DEER2016 Update draft results release 

3/5/2015 DEER2016 Update Scoping Webinar 

DEER2015 Update

The DEER2015 Update will be applied to the 2015 portfolio starting on 1/1/2015. 

The upcoming DEER2015 code updates will integrate changes outlines in the Code Update document.  

DEER2014/2013 Update

On November 25, 2013, the CPUC released the latest version of DEER (Database for Energy Efficiency Resources). 

The DEER update, previously referred to as "DEER2013", will be referenced as "DEER2014" moving forward. The naming convention refers to the year when the updated values become applicable to avoid confusion. Previously, the naming convention refers to the year when the updated values are being published. 

DEER2014 is an update of DEER2011 required by Codes and Standards (C&S) changes which are effective in 2014. The C&S updates include the California Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations, the California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, and the United States Code of Federal Regulations. These C&S updates are incorporated into all energy saving measure definitions and new construction building descriptions for DEER2013. 

The READI tool to view the database and the update documentation are all available on

The latest version of the READI tool (v1.0.3) includes the following changes: 

  • Available databases: DEER2014 Code Update, DEER2011, and Ex Ante 13-14 Cycle (draft combination of DEER2011 and DEER2014) 
  • Alerts user which database is being connected on start-up. 
  • More fields within the Measure, Energy Impact, and Measure Catalog tables are now linked to their source tables. Double-click on any field that has a blue “highlight” font to get additional information. 
  • The “Implementation” tab is now only available for the “Ex Ante 13-14 Cycle” combined database. It has been renamed to “Measure Catalog” to better communicate the function of the table.
    • Measure Catalog entries are based on IOU workpapers and connect all ex ante data to a measure catalog entry. 
    • A field specifying the start date of the catalog entry has been added. This allows a reference to a Measure Catalog ID to have different linked values based on a reference date. 
    • A field specifying the Measure Impact Qualifier has been added. 
    • Double-click on a row of the Measure Catalog list to create a table of all ex ante values associated with the entry. 

DEER2013 Timeline

14 November 2013 - Staff will provide DEER2013 Lightning Adjustment Tables for IOUs to review on formatting. 

19 November 2013 – Staff and IOUs will discuss and review IOUs’ workpaper catalog to assess 2013 code updates strategy during the ED-IOU technical call. 

25 November 2013 – DEER2013 will be finalized with all changes, including additions of Non-DEER lighting measures, occupancy sensor scenarios, measure energy impact table, and lighting adjustment tables (one for occupancy sensors and one for weather file updates). 

Final documentation and READI tool will be posted on  

A timeline for milestones and deadlines for December and 2014 will be finalized and provided in the next few weeks.  

DEER2013 Update Follow-Up Webinar

To All Parties in R.09-11-014 and A.12-07-001 et al: 

One of the actions that came out of the 9/18 webinar for DEER2013 Update it to provide the IOUs with flat Excel workbooks of the two different version of DEER2013. 

The workbooks can be downloaded here: under DEER2013 Documentation and Resources. 

Please compare the two versions and provide recommendations on the update scope.