Data Request will be sent to California broadband providers on February 1, 2023, outlining any instructions or changes in our data collection process. Please submit your data in accordance with the data request instructions by the submission deadline.

Pursuant to recent legislation, including SB 156, SB 4, AB 41, SB 28, and AB 2752 codified in Public Utilities Code Sections 281(b)(4), 281.6 and 5895, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is authorized to collect information from broadband service providers and State Video Franchise holders. As such, all communications providers certificated and/or registered with the CPUC shall submit annually to the Communications Division by June 1, broadband subscriber, and deployment data as of the end of the prior calendar year in a form designated by Communications Division Staff (see below).


Data current as of ... 

CPUC Deadline for Submission 


December 31, 2022

April 3rd, 2023

Who Should Submit Data? 

  • Facilities-based providers only (Partial Resellers should submit data on broadband they provide from facilities they own; however pure resellers should not submit data).
  • Providers with broadband speeds greater than 200 Kbps, in at least one direction, that can provision new requests for broadband services within an interval that is typical for that type of connection.
  • Providers that have actually built out their broadband network infrastructure to which they either currently provide service or could perform a standard broadband installation i.e., “Serviceable Locations”. A standard installation is defined in the Broadband DATA Act as “[t]he initiation by a provider of fixed broadband internet access service [within10 business days of a request] in an area in which the provider has not previously offered that service, with no charges or delays attributable to the extension of the network of the provider.”

        Files and Formats for Data Submission

        Select the following files and formats appropriate for your technology type:

        Fixed Broadband Providers

        All Fixed Broadband Deployment data must be submitted in ONE of the following formats:

        • A CSV file containing Serviceable Location Addresses and maximum advertised speeds per technology in a .zip file:

          Data Format | CSV Example OR

        All Fixed Broadband Subscriber data must be submitted by Service Address/Location in .CSV format:

        Mobile Providers

        All Mobile data must be submitted in the following formats:

        Residential Fixed Broadband Providers

        How to Submit Data?

        All data needs to be submitted using the Broadband Data Upload Portal


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