The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) collects broadband availability data once a year and displays it on the California Interactive Broadband Map to provide Californians a means to look up broadband speeds and service providers in their area. The Map also provides information on funding eligibility by location for California Advanced Services Fund Infrastructure Account applicants. Equally important, the data inform public policies looking to bridge the digital divide in California.

The following links provide information on the CPUC's annual data collection process and other mapping resources and information.

  • Broadband-Data-Submission-Guidelines-and-TemplatesInstructions on the CPUC's annual data collection process. Includes data format descriptions, templates, and the link to the Broadband Data Upload Portal.
  • CPUC Annual Collected Broadband Data: Provides most recent broadband availability data collected as part of the CPUC's annual data collection process, Pursuant to the Public Utilities Code Sections 281(b)(4), 281.6 and 5895.

  • Broadband-Public-Feedback: A feedback tool on the California Interactive Broadband Map where the public can provide broadband feedback (e.g., service availability, speeds, etc.)
  • Mobile Broadband Testing: The CPUC's CalSPEED team uses smartphones to measure mobile broadband at about 4,000 locations in California to estimate service performance and quality throughout the State.
  • Additional-Broadband-Mapping-Resources: Broadband mapping information from other sources like the Federal Communications Commission, the California Broadband Council, and the Broadband for All Portal.

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