Program Overview

Pursuant to Public Utilities Code section 281, moneys in the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) Broadband Infrastructure Grant Account (Infrastructure Account) are available to the Commission to award grants to subsidize the cost of middle-mile and last-mile infrastructure to expand the State’s broadband network. The program's goal is to encourage deployment of high-quality advanced communications services to all Californians that will promote economic growth, job creation, and the substantial social benefits of advanced information and communications technologies. The Commission is required to give preference to programs and projects in communities with demonstrated low broadband access and in communities facing socioeconomic barriers to broadband access.

Program Updates

    On November 18, 2022, the CPUC issued Decision (D.) 22-11-023 modifying CASF requirements and guidelines for the Broadband Infrastructure Grant Account.


    On July 20, 2021, Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill (SB) 156. The relevant changes to the Broadband Infrastructure Grant Account are as follows:

    • "Unserved area" changed to an area where no facility-based broadband provider serves households (or areas) at a minimum speed of at least 25 mbps downstream and 3 mpbs  upstream (previously 6 mbps/1 mbps). See Public Utilities Code Section 281(b)(1)(B)(ii)(I)
    • Projects funded by the CASF program must deploy infrastructure capable of providing broadband access at speeds of a minimum of 100 mbps downstream and 20 mbps upstream, or the most current broadband definition speed set by the Federal Communications Commission (previously 10 mbps/1 mbps). See Public Utilities Code Section 281(f)(5).
    • All grantees must report licensed contractor or subcontractor expenditures in excess of $25,000 for work funded by CASF. The CPUC must post this information on a monthly basis. See Public Utilities Code Section 281(l)(1-2).

    These changes became effective on July 20, 2021.

    Application Resources


    Decision (D.) 22-11-029

    Attachment 1 - Revised CASF Program Guidelines for the Broadband Infrastructure Grant Account

    Project Development Resources

    Data & Maps - Geographic and data resources for project planning and submission of infrastructure grant applications

    Applying for Funds

    Prospective applicants and stakeholders - please consult your local Broadband Consortium first before contacting CASF Infrastructure Staff for information.

    To prepare an application for funding, follow instructions included in Attachment 1 of (D.) 22-11-023:

    Attachment 1 - Revised CASF Program Guidelines of (D.)22-11-023.

      To submit a CASF Infrastructure Grant application, send an email to to request an ftp link to upload application files.

      Applications must also be submitted to at the Public Advocates Office.

      Additional Resources

      • Decision (D.) 21-03-006 issued March 10, 2021, included Rules, Guidelines and Application Materials in Appendix A
      • Decision (D.) 18-12-018 issued December 20, 2018, included Requirements, Guidelines and Application Materials in Appendix 1
      • Decision 14-02-018 issued March 4, 2014, included Revised Application Requirements and Guidelines in Appendix 2
      • Resolution T-17143 mailed June 17, 2008, adopted the CASF application requirements, timelines, and scoring criteria
      • Decision (D.) 07-12-054 issued December 21, 2007, established initial requirements for CASF-funded projects
      • Decision 07-09-020 issued September 13, 2007, proposed the initial process for administering applications for funding under CASF in Appendix 3

      Mailing Instructions

      Applicants may also mail a separate paper copy to:

      Communications Division
      Attn: California Advanced Services Fund
      California Public Utilities Commission
      505 Van Ness Ave., 3rd Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94102


      Public Advocates Office
      Re: California Advanced Services Fund
      California Public Utilities Commission
      505 Van Ness Ave.
      San Francisco, CA 94102

      Once the proposed project has been submitted, applicants must post their project summary to the CASF distribution list.

      Project Proposals and Funded Projects

      Project Summaries

      Approved Projects


      Please contact us at

      CASF Broadband Infrastructure Grant Account

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