Program Overview

The California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) Rural and Urban Regional Broadband Consortia Account offers grants to eligible consortia to facilitate deployment of broadband services by assisting CASF broadband infrastructure grant applicants in the project development or application process. This includes applicants to the CASF Infrastructure Account, Federal Funding Account, and other relevant programs approved under Senate Bill 156. Public Utilities Code section 281 is the guiding statute for the CASF. For historical background on the Consortia Account, please see the program's history.

The program rules and requirements are set in the CPUC’s May 19, 2022 Decision 22-05-029. Specifically, see:


An eligible consortium that can apply for Consortia Account funds may include representatives, of organizations including, but not limited to, local and regional government, public safety, elementary and secondary education, health care, libraries, postsecondary education, community-based organizations, tourism, parks and recreation, agricultural, business, workforce organizations, and air pollution control or air quality management districts. An eligible consortium is not required to have as its lead fiscal agent an entity with a certificate of public convenience and necessity.

Applying for Funds

The application window for the Consortia Account is currently closed. When the application window opens, both existing and newly formed consortia organizations may submit applications requesting grant funding.

Administrative Manual, Application Package, and Reporting Forms: 

      Active Consortia Grants

      2022 Grant Cycle 

      The CPUC opened an application cycle on June 1, 2022 for the Consortia Account and received several applications by the July 15, 2022 deadline. On January 12, 2023, the CPUC awarded grants to consortia applicants in Resolution T-17778. The awarded consortia's Proposed Work and Performance Metrics Plans show the work activities, deliverables, performance measures and method for tracking, responsible parties, and other items. 

      CASF Consortia Regions Map: Shows the consortia regions from the 2022 Grant Cycle (Grants Approved in 2023)

      Consortia Contact Information: Provides a list of consortia with active grants and consortia contact information.

      Resources for Consortia

      Consortia organizations may want the following links useful:

      NEW - Payment Request Process for Consortia: All grantees must now use the Electronic Claims and Applications Portal (eCAP) to submit payment requests for their CASF grants. Grantees should no longer submit payment requests to the public email. The eCAP is available at:

      Grant Cycles and Other Information

      Contact Information

      Questions about the Consortia Account? Please email

      CASF Rural and Urban Regional Broadband Consortia Account