• Statistics on Open Proceedings

    The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Division makes the information in these spreadsheets available to promote openness and transparency. This information is updated monthly.

    The linked spreadsheets listed below are a case processing tool that the ALJ Division uses to track work on open proceedings. The information in each spreadsheet is current as of the date listed in each link.

    If you are seeking information posted after the most recent spreadsheet, please use the Commission’s Web Docket Card.

    Each spreadsheet has four tabs:

    • 1. The “Master” tab contains milestones and statistics on all open proceedings.
    • 2. The “Active” tab contains milestones and statistics on all proceedings that have been continuously active.
    • 3. The “ReOpened” tab contains milestones and statistics on all proceedings that were managed to conclusion, but subsequently reopened, usually due to an application for rehearing (a legal appeal) or a petition to modify (usually because of new facts).
    • 4. The “Definitions” tab contains definitions of all columns that appear in the “Master”, “Active”, and “ReOpened” tab. Refer to this tab to better understand the information in the spreadsheet.


    Please note that a long open period for a proceeding does not necessarily indicate non-compliance with a statutory deadline. There are many reasons why a proceeding continues to be open for more than 18 months. Most commonly, the scope of a proceeding was modified to address additional issues, and this resets the deadline for closure. In other proceedings, the Commission must await the completion of an environmental review before continuing with processing.

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