This page last updated on September 04, 2020

The Commission enforces laws and its requirements through a variety of formal and informal means, including the following:

  • Formal enforcement investigations (Orders Instituting Investigation), which may include fines and other remedies. Staff investigations precede and establish the scope of formal investigations.
  • Citation programs, which delegate authority to staff to issue fines for prescribed violations.
  • Audits and Inspections
  • Our whistleblower program
2020 Statistics:
  • Citation Penalties Levied Against Energy Utilities: $5,596,346
  • Citation Penalties Levied Against Telecommunications Companies: $721,182
  • Fines and Reparations Levied Against Water Companies: $7,107,238
  • Fines Levied Against Transportation Companies: $342,000
 Source: 2020 Annual Report

Open Investigations (through 04/30/2020)

  • Information on open investigations.

Completed Investigations and other Enforcement Actions (through 04/30/2020)

This includes any investigations that were initially opened in 2015 or later and have since concluded. Note: This list may not be comprehensive.

  • Information on completed investigations and other enforcement actions.

Citation Programs

Citation programs delegate authority to staff to issue fines for prescribed violations. Citations carry fines for non-compliance with state law and Commission orders. The Commission has established numerous citation programs over the years, which cover different specific regulatory programs and authority. Below you can find a list of our citation programs and issued citations.