The Transportation Enforcement Branch regulates the following passenger carriers statewide: transportation network companies, transportation charter party carriers, passenger stage corporations, and vessel common carriers. Our branch is organized into three statewide enforcement units: Airport Enforcement Unit, Field Enforcement Unit, and Compliance Enforcement Unit.

Vision Statement

We are recognized as the most reliable and adaptable industry leader in the nation by promoting public safety and enforcement of passenger carriers through safety assurance, risk management, and safety promotion.

Mission Statement

The Transportation Enforcement Branch regulates passenger carriers to safeguard the public by ensuring compliance through investigations and enforcement; continually evaluating the industry for risk; educating market entrants, training law enforcement and enhancing field enforcement.


Quality control certification

Assuring that the entities the CPUC regulates comply with the law and have sufficient training and resources to ensure the safety of the public, their workers, and the environment.

Learning on the job

Promoting best practices in safety and transportation regulation consistent with the Commissions Strategic Directives: Safety; and Communication and Engagement.

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Passenger Carrier and Consumer FAQs and information related to licensing and carrier permit/certificate verification.