IMPORTANT: For carrier applicants who received a "Deficiency Notice" from CPUC staff prior to Friday June 11, 2021 (11:00PM PST) indicating that insurance must be filed to complete their pending application, please file evidence of insurance using this current Insurance Filing system. Any applications submitted in the TC Portal will need to have insurance filed through the TC Portal. For any questions about where to file, please e-mail Thank you.

Resolution TL-19105 requires that information relating to vehicle liability, cargo, and workers’ compensation insurance policies for motor carriers of passengers and household goods be filed with the Commission’s License Section in electronic format.

Login to Insurance E-filing

To use the insurance filing option, you must be a representative of an insurance company, surety company, or an authorized California Surplus Lines Broker.  You will need to have a User Name and Password. To register as a user please follow the instructions below:

For Insurance Companies

  • Download and complete the User Name Request Form and return it to If you have any questions you may use the same email address to contact us.
  • If Brokers or Agents will be filing on behalf of the insurer, the insurer must send the License section authorization for those brokers. Then the CPUC will send the User Name Request Form to the brokers/agents for their information.

For Surplus Line Brokers

  • A license number must be on file with CPUC License Section.
  • May file for any LASLI (List of Approved Surplus Line Brokers) insurer.
  • Download and complete the User Name Request Form listing the email address and names of persons (employees, or the broker) that will do the filing, along with a contact name, physical address and phone number for the contact.
  • Email the completed form to  
  • The CPUC License Section must be notified of any changes of personnel who are authorized to file insurance, physical address or contact information of Insurers, Surplus Line Brokers, and brokers and agents of insurers.

If you have already registered with the License Section, but have not received your E-Filing User name and password within 5 business days, please contact the CPUC License Section via email at

Q: What is insurance E-filing?

A: A web-based, electronic system allowing insurers and brokers to file required insurance with the CPUC Transportation License Section on behalf of passenger carriers.

Q: Why E-File?

A: To eliminate the need for insurers and brokers to mail insurance certificates to the License Section, saving time and labor, improving efficiency, and reducing errors.

Q: Will the License Section continue to accept paper insurance documents by U.S. Postal mail?

A: No, the Transportation License Section no longer accepts paper insurance documents. All new policy additions, cancellations or reinstatements of existing policies must be filed online.

Q: What types of insurance may be filed with the CPUC Transportation License Section online using E-filing?

A: Every type of insurance required to be filed with the CPUC on behalf of charter-party carriers of passengers, passenger stage corporations, vessel common carriers, transportation network companies, and autonomous vehicles may be filed, updated, or cancelled using the insurance E-filing system. These are:

  • Public Liability and Property Damage insurance (PLPD) required to be on file for all types of carriers listed above;
  • Workers’ compensation insurance (WKCP) required to be on file for all of the above-listed types of carriers that have employees.

Q: Who may use the E-filing system?

A: There are three types of eligible filers:

  • Insurers who are admitted to write insurance in California by the California Department of Insurance;
  • Brokers who are authorized by an admitted insurer to write insurance. The insurer must confirm that the broker is so authorized before the License Section will enroll the broker;
  • Surplus Lines Brokers (SLB) authorized by the California Department of Insurance. An SLB does not necessarily have to belong to the Surplus Lines Association, but by checking with the Department of Insurance, the License Section should be able to verify that the named individual is an authorized Surplus Lines Broker.

Q: How do I sign up to use E-filing?

A: You must complete and submit a User Name Request Excel spreadsheet. The detailed instructions are at the top of this page (see "For Insurance Companies"). If you have submitted a Request and have not received a user name within 5 business days, contact the License Section at

Q: Where do I login?

A: Go to

Q: I should have received my password but lost it or can’t find it.

A: Go to Proceed to login by using your User ID, which is your email address. Hit the “Reset Password” button. This will generate a password that will be emailed to your email address.

Q: What equipment or software is required to use E-filing?

A: A computer with internet access and an updated web browser. We recommend using Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

Q: Are there instructions for using the E-filing system?

A: Yes. You will find a detailed and comprehensive Electronic Insurance Filing User Guide for viewing or downloading at

Charter-party carrier: As defined by the Public Utilities Code, a provider of transportation for compensation of persons over public highways, by motor vehicle, including but not limited to operators of for-hire limousines and charter buses, and transportation provided incidental to hot air balloon operations, skiing, river rafting, and other businesses and government agencies. Important exemptions to charter-party regulation are enumerated in Public Utilities Code §5353. Many charter-party carriers operate as sub-carriers for passenger stage corporations (PSC), including PSCs providing airport shuttle service.

CPUC: California Public Utilities Commission.

Insurance E-filing: A web-based system for adding, cancelling, or reinstating PLPD, excess, workers’ compensation, and commercial insurance on behalf of charter-party carriers, passenger stage corporations, as required by the California Public Utilities Code and CPUC general orders.

License Section: The Transportation License Section of the Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division of the CPUC which administers the operating authorities and registrations of California intrastate transportation providers under the jurisdiction of the CPUC, namely: charter-party carriers, passenger stage corporations, vessel common carriers, transportation network companies, and autonomous vehicles.

Passenger stage corporation: A common carrier providing intrastate transportation of passengers over public highways, for compensation, on an on-call or scheduled service basis, between one or more fixed termini. Includes on-call airport shuttle service.

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