Starting June 21, 2021, passenger carriers will manage their permits/certificates and make requests to the CPUC using the new Transportation Carrier Portal (TCPortal)!
Link to the TCPortal, Link to the TCPortal Help & FAQs Page

  • Existing active carriers that have an operating permit/certificate with the CPUC will receive an email from the CPUC (, sent to their official e-mail on record on CPUC, to access their accounts.
  • New applicants will use the TCPortal to create their accounts and submit applications. 

You can email your inquiries to

Why is the CPUC changing its transportation carrier licensing process? 

The CPUC is automating its transportation licensing process in order to provide more efficient and effective service to carriers and enhance its ability to protect passengers.  

For example, the new online licensing system will significantly reduce the paperwork carriers need to submit for applications and renewals. The new system will speed up notifications to carriers when there are errors or omissions in their applications and renewals. The new system will enable carriers to update their licensing data, drivers list, and equipment list, in real time. Instead of having to mail documents to the CPUC, carriers can use a website to process their requests. It is a much more streamlined, automated process.  

I have questions about this new licensing system - where can I inquire?  

You can email your inquiries to