In September 2018, the Governor signed into state law Senate Bill (SB) 1376: TNC Access for All Act (Hill, 2018). Pursuant to SB 1376, the CPUC must establish a program relating to accessibility for persons with disabilities as part of its regulation of TNCs.  Implementation of SB 1376 occurs in CPUC Rulemaking 19-02-012.

The Commission is conducting workshops throughout the State to engage the public to determine community WAV demand and supply; develop and provide recommendations regarding specified topics for programs for on-demand services and partnerships; and discuss all other topics related to the successful implementation of the TNC Access for All Act.

Access For All Fact Sheet

December 2023 Report to the Legislature on Access for All Program

Commission Proceeding

Commission Decisions

  • Decision  (D.) 23-02-024 on "Track 5" issues including modifying requirements for TNCs to be eligible for Offset and Exemption requests; defining pre-scheduled WAV trips; modifying offset and exemption standard for pre-scheduled WAV trips; modifying outreach requirements; and set additional data reporting requirements for TNCs.
  • Decision  (D.) 21-11-004 on "Track 4" issues including modifying requirements for TNCS to be eligible for Offset and Exemption requests; clarifying eligible expenses must exclude fare revenues received by TNCs; modifying eligibility requirements for Access Providers; identifying additional accessibility issues to be covered in R.19-02-012; and defining “Community WAV demand” for Yearly Benchmark Report.
  • Decision  (D.) 21-03-005 on "Track 3" issues including defining “on-demand” as it relates to WAVs, adjusted metrics for TNC’s offset eligibility; set requirements for Access Providers and local and statewide AFAs; and addressed other accessibility issues.
  • Decision  (D.) 20-03-007 on "Track 2" issues including establishing requirements for the TNC offsets and exemptions and distribution of the Access Fund.
  • Decision (D.) 19-06-033 on "Track 1" Issues Transportation Network Company Trip Fee and Geographic Areas
    • Beginning on July 1, 2019, transportation network companies (TNCs) are required to collect a ten cent ($0.10) fee on each TNC trip in California.  The funds generated from the fee support the expansion of on-demand transportation for non-folding wheelchair users who require a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

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