If you suspect your driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please instruct the driver to stop the ride immediately. 

Exit the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so, and then call 911 to report a suspected driver under the influence.
We encourage you to file a zero-tolerance complaint with the TNC. The CPUC requires TNCs to suspend a driver promptly after a zero tolerance complaint is filed against him/her, for further investigation.[1]

You can also file a complaint with the CPUC’s Consumer Intake Unit for any issues concerning passenger carriers: consumer-affairs@cpuc.ca.gov or 800-894-9444. 


[1] The Commission requires all TNCs to have a zero tolerance intoxicating substance policy with respect to drivers as follows:

  1. The TNC shall include on its website, mobile application and riders’ receipts, notice/information on the TNC’s zero-tolerance policy and the methods to report a driver whom the rider reasonably suspects was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the course of the ride.
  2. The website and mobile application must include a phone number or in-app call function and email address to contact to report the zero-tolerance complaint.
  3. Promptly after a zero-tolerance complaint is filed, the TNC shall suspend the driver for further investigation.
  4. The website and mobile application must also include the phone number and email address of the Commission’s Passenger Section: 1-800-894-9444 and CIU_intake@cpuc.ca.gov.

(Decision 13-09-045 Safety Requirement d)