TNC: Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities Program (SB 1376, Hill)


In September 2018, the Governor signed into state law Senate Bill (SB) 1376: TNC Access for All Act (Hill, 2018). The California Public Utilities Commission (Commission) is statutorily obligated to establish a program related to accessibility for persons with disabilities, including wheelchair users who need a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). The Commission will be conducting workshops throughout the state to engage all stakeholders to determine community WAV demand and supply; develop and provide recommendations regarding specified topics for programs for on-demand services and partnerships; and discuss all other topics related to the successful implementation of the TNC Access for All Act. The resulting program will be funded through the establishment of the TNC Access for All Fund wherein, beginning July 1, 2019, all TNCs shall be required to pay into on a quarterly basis equivalent to, at a minimum, $0.05 for each TNC trip completed using the TNC’s online-enabled application or platform that originates in one of the geographic areas selected by the commission for inclusion in the program. The Commission has the authority to adjust the fee in each geographic area to different levels based on the cost of providing adequate WAV service within the geographic area. TNCs may be exempted from the payment of the fee in a geographic area if the TNC meets the level of WAV service designated by the commission for that geographic area, as specified, and would require the commission to reduce the amount of money a TNC is required to pay if it meets certain requirements.

Commission Proceeding

Events and Workshops

  *December 5, 2018 and February 15, 2019 Workshops were conducted under Commission Proceeding: (R.) 12-12-011  

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