TNC: Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities Program (SB 1376, Hill)


In September 2018, the Governor signed into state law Senate Bill (SB) 1376: TNC Access for All Act (Hill, 2018). Pursuant to SB 1376, the CPUC must establish a program relating to accessibility for persons with disabilities as part of its regulation of TNCs.  Implementation of SB 1376 occurs in CPUC Rulemaking 19-02-012.

The Commission is conducting workshops throughout the State to engage the public to determine community WAV demand and supply; develop and provide recommendations regarding specified topics for programs for on-demand services and partnerships; and discuss all other topics related to the successful implementation of the TNC Access for All Act.

Commission Proceeding

Commission Decisions

  • Decision (D.) 19-06-033 on "Track 1" Issues Transportation Network Company Trip Fee and Geographic Areas
    • Beginning on July 1, 2019, pursuant to CPUC Decision 19-06-033, transportation network companies (TNCs) are required to collect a ten cent ($0.10) fee on each TNC trip in California.  The funds generated from the fee support the expansion of on-demand transportation for non-folding wheelchair users who require a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

 Events and Workshops

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