Comment on the Draft Distributed Energy Resources Action Plan


The CPUC has released a draft Distributed Energy Resources Action Plan that describes the future vision for distributed energy resources, notes the continuing activities already underway at the CPUC, and suggests additional actions the CPUC will need to undertake in the near term to achieve the vision. 

If you would like to comment on the draft Action Plan, please use the form below.  If you would like your comments to be taken into consideration before the CPUC’s October 18, 2016 workshop, you must submit them by October 11, 2016.  However, comments will continue to be accepted until October 31, 2016.  

To submit large post-workshop comment documents, please visit our secure file transfer site and address the file to  

Please note that when you fill this out, it becomes part of the official CPUC record and all information in it will be publicly available via the web. 


Comment on Draft DER Action Plan
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Comments submitted will be posted daily. View the comments.  

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