In 2016, the Commission endorsed the DER Action Plan to align the organization's vision and actions in shaping California's distributed energy resource future. The plan outlines a vision of DERs over the next several years, and serves as a roadmap in coordinating activities across multiple proceedings as California continues its commitment to greenhouse gas emission reduction and reform of utility distribution planning, investment, and operations. The plan serves as a guide for decision-makers, staff, and stakeholders as they facilitate proactive and forward-thinking DER policy.

Draft Distributed Energy Resources Action Plan 2.0

Draft Distributed Energy Resources Action Plan 2.0 (DER Action Plan 2.0), is intended to coordinate development and implementation of related DER policy.  This DER Action Plan 2.0 seeks to align the CPUC's vision and actions to maximize ratepayer and societal value of an anticipated high-DER future.  Energy Division (ED) staff will host a workshop on August 26, 2021 at 9 am, to present the draft DER Action Plan 2.0 for discussion and feed-back.

Original and Updated Versions

The Commission endorsed the DER Action Plan at the November 10, 2016 Voting Meeting. On May 3, 2017, the Commission made the following non-substantive changes to the plan in order to improve clarity: the “Continuing Elements” and “Action Elements” in each Track were consolidated into one set of “Action Elements” for each Track, elements were renumbered, and the text was modified to reflect these changes. No other modifications were made.



 Please contact Gabe Petlin, Energy Division, at with questions or requests for additional information about the DER Action Plan.