On October 15, 2019, the California Public Utilities Commission hosted a workshop on Dynamic Rates and Real-Time Pricing.  This workshop was part of Application A.19-03-002, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) GRC Phase 2 Proceeding.

The purpose of this workshop was to:

  1. Discuss existing dynamic rates and pilots offered by SDG&E and other jurisdictions.
  2. Provide parties an opportunity to share preliminary proposals regarding dynamic rate options.
  3. Explore implementation issues related to the feasibility and design of dynamic rates.


Workshop Report Prepared by SDG&E


Introductory Slides, Masoud Foudeh (CPUC)  

SDG&E Current Dynamic and RTP Pricing, Leslie Wiloughby & Greg Anderson (SDG&E)

SCE's Real Time Pricing, Transactive Energy, Mark Martinez (SCE)

Dynamic Pricing in Other Jurisdictions, Scott Murtishaw (CALSSA)

Challenges of Dynamic and Real-Time Pricing, Chris Danforth (Public Advocates Office)

RTP Rate Proposals, Scott Murtishaw (CALSSA)

Critical Consumption Period Proposal, Paul Nelson (CLECA)

MIDAS:  Emissions Focused Device Optimization, Henry Richardson (WattTime)

Pay for a Load Shape, Peter Alstone (LBNL)

Bring Your Own Device Opportunities with Dynamic Rates, Audrey Lee (Sunrun)

Incompatibility of Dynamic Rates and Demand Charges, Lisa McGhee (San Diego Airport Parking)