Interconnected VoIP Providers Seeking to Provide Voice Services in California

  • Interconnected VoIP providers are required to obtain an operating authority from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to offer voice services in California.
    • Non-facilities-Based (also known as resellers) interconnected VoIP providers may register using the Simplified Registration Process pursuant to Public Utilities (P.U.) Code § 1013.
    • Facilities-based interconnected VoIP providers must file an application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) pursuant to P.U. Code § 1001.

Additional information regarding how to obtain authority to operate in California may be found here.

Additional information regarding Interconnected Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Carriers Rulemaking (R.) 22-08-008 may be found here

Interconnected VoIP Providers Granted a Utility ID via the Informal VoIP Registration Process

  • Interconnected VoIP providers granted an informal interconnected VoIP registration are required to continue to pay surcharges to the Commission.
  • Any VoIP provider granted an informal interconnected VoIP registration may request to surrender its Utility ID number by sending an email to and providing the information listed below. All outstanding payments must be paid prior to surrendering the Utility ID number.
    • Utility Name and Utility ID;
    • Effective Date of the request;
    • Verify that no customers are impacted by the request;
    • Documentation proving that the VoIP provider has reported and remitted all outstanding charges owed from the Commission; and
    • A statement that the VoIP provider has no outstanding customer complaints filed with the CPUC Consumer Affairs Branch (CAB), citations issued and/or enforcement actions by CPUC; or if one or more citations or enforcement actions have been issued, penalties and/or fines have been paid and the citation(s) and the enforcement action(s) have been closed.
  • January 2024 Communications Division Data Request

Pursuant to Public Utilities (Pub. Util.) Code Section 314 (a) and (b), Communications Division (CD) requests all Interconnected VoIP carriers with informal registration pursuant to Pub. Util. Code § 285 to respond to a data request. Response Due Date: on or before 5PM (PST) February 22, 2024.