Effective January 1, 2018, Communications Division (CD) established the CDcompliance@cpuc.ca.gov mailbox for carrier submissions of compliance filings, reports, and other documents that are required to be submitted to the CD Director per Commission orders, decisions, resolutions, and statutes. A CD compliance cover sheet must be used when submitting compliance filings and reports.

To help facilitate the review and processing of the filing, the email subject line must include the company name, assigned corporate identification number and the name of the report being submitted. All documents must be submitted in an electronically searchable format.

IMPORTANT: Read below about documents that DO NOT USE the CDcompliance@cpuc.ca.gov mailbox 

  • Documents that already have a mailbox or other delivery system and instructions established. For example:
    • Responses to Data Requests (unless specifically requested by staff to submit to CDcompliance@cpuc.ca.gov)
    • DIVCA data submissions
    • Broadband Mapping data submissions responding to instructions on the CD website.
    • Major Service Outage Reports
    • Service Quality Reports
    • Carrier Wholesale Performance Reports
    • Private Alarm Reports
  • Formal submittals as part of active Commission proceedings. Refer to the Commission’s E-filing system.
  • Compliance filings directed to be filed via Advice Letters. Refer to Advice Letter Information.

Pursuant to GO 104-A and D.93-02-019, All telephone corporations are required to file annually information about its Operations, Financials and Affiliate Transactions.

Pursuant to PU Code Section 489(a), All telephone corporations are required to file its Tariffs with the Commission. The Communications Division requires this filing to be made annually by February 15 of each year. If no Tariffs are applicable, a telephone corporation must provide an Annual Letter Certifying that it is completely De-Tariffed.

Pursuant to D. 13-05-035 and/or D.11-09-026/D.10-09-017, All CPCN, WIR and NDIEC holders are required to post a continuous performance bond to facilitate collection of fines, fees, surcharges, taxes, penalties, and restitution.

  • Performance Bond Requirements
    • Initial Performance Bonds are due within five days of acceptance of its certificate of public convenience and necessity authority or within five business days after the effective date of the issuance of a wireless ID registration.
    • Annual Performance Bonds are due March 31 of each year.