Revised Advice Letter Process Effective January 1, 2020

Effective January 1, 2020, the Communications Division (CD) will implement a new streamlined advice letter process that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. Resolution T-17670 (effective November 7, 2019) authorized CD to modify the current advice letter process. The major changes are the following:

    1. No more CD-ROMs and hard copy filings: Carriers shall file advice letters electronically via e-mail only to
    2. Staff are authorized to make future process changes and/or updates to the filing requirements to align them with technological changes or to otherwise improve process efficiency via Administrative Letter

Administrative Letter

  • November 12, 2019: Administrative Letter for all Telecommunications Carriers re: Advice Letter process change to electronic filing

Note: as of December 5, 2019, the Advice Letters (Initial/Supplements) and Protest and Response Letters manual has been updated. The update reflects information consistent with the requirements of G.O. 96-B Section 7.4 wherein “the protest or response shall be submitted to the reviewing Industry Division and served on the same day on the utility. After submitting a protest, and pending disposition of the advice letter, the protestant shall promptly provide a copy of the protest to anyone so requesting.” 

Advice Letter Electronic Filing Presentation (External Stakeholders)

Note: No available WebEx training sessions recorded due to technical issues.

    Advice Letter (and Supplement) Filing

    General Rules and Telecommunication Industry Rules for filing Advice Letters are available in General Order (G.O.) 96-B.

    G.O. 96-B § 3.1 Definition: "Advice letter" means (1) an informal request by a utility for Commission approval, authorization, or other relief, including an informal request for approval to furnish service under rates, charges, terms or conditions other than those contained in the utility's tariffs then in effect, and (2) a compliance submittal by a load-serving entity pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 380.

    Advice Letters (AL) must be numbered in sequential order. For questions regarding the next available AL number, send a request for information via email to and provide your company name and assigned utility ID number.

    The cut off time to be considered filed the same day as submitted is 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

    What completes an AL filing package?

    • Advice Letter Filing Summary Form, Instructions and Keyword List – (December 24, 2019 version - PDF download
    • Cover Letter - Refer to General Order 96-B, General Rule 4.6
    • Supporting Documents (e.g. performance bond, tariff pages, contract, etc.)
    • Service List (see instructions below)

    Detailed Filing Instructions  

    • Advice Letters (Initial/Supplements) and Protest and Response Letters (PDF download)

      Protest and Response (G.O. 96-B § 7.4)

        Filing of Protest or Response to a Protest:

          Anyone may file a protest or respond to an advice letter within 20 days of the date of filing of the advice letter. Submit your written protest or response via email to addressed to the following:

          • Communications Division – Advice Letter Coordinator
            California Public Utilities Commission
            505 Van Ness Ave., 3rd Floor
            San Francisco, CA 94102-3298
          • The cut off time to be considered filed the same day as submitted is 5:00 PM PST. Protests and responses submitted after 5:00 PM PST or on a non-business day will be considered filed the following business day.

          Additional information regarding protests and responses are available in G.O.96-B § 7.4.

          Advice Letter Service List

          All Telecommunications carriers are required to file their Advice Letter to the Telco Advice Letter Filing service list.

          Telco Industry Rule 10: Service List for Advice Letter Filings 
          Resolution T-17327 (PDF download)
          Telco Advice Letter Filing Service List

          Advice Letter Filing Status

          To obtain status about advice letters filed by Telecommunications carriers:

          Additional Information on Advice Letter Filings

          1. Name Change/DBA
          File a Tier 1 Advice Letter with the Commission and include a copy of your California Secretary of State certification.

          Additional Resources
          GO 96-B, Industry Rule 9. Notification of DBAs

          2. Contracts
          Telecommunications Industry Rules (Rules) is Section 8.1 of General Order 96-B, which requires all contracts for tariffed services to be submitted to the Commission’s Communications Division (CD). Section 8.2.1 of the Rules requires that carriers must submit contracts for tariffed services by advice letter within 15 business days after execution of the contract(s).

          3. Tariff Filing Requirements 
          4. Interconnection Agreements 
          5. Performance Bond Requirements 

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