Telecommunications and User Fee Filing System (TUFFS)

For the electronic reporting and remittance of surcharges and user fees due to the CPUC by telephone corporations.

NEW TUFFS for reporting periods beginning April 2023. Surcharge is assessed on the number of active access lines:

  • TUFFS Login [NOTICE: A new TUFFS account has been created for each telephone corporation. To login into the new TUFFS, you must first set up your password through a link. The link was sent to the primary regulatory contact on May 2, 2023 with the subject line "Welcome to the new Telecommunications & User Fee Filing System." If you are the primary contact and have not received the welcome e-mail, please contact us at telcosurcharge@cpuc.ca.gov.]
  • TUFFS User Guide
  • Definition of Access Line

Legacy TUFFS for reporting periods prior to April 2023. Surcharges are assessed on total intrastate revenue:

Remitting Surcharge Payments, U.S. Bank (EFT) Banking Instructions



Complete directions for the treatment of CPUC telecommunications surcharges including assessment, collection, disclosure and remittance.

User Fee

Complete directions for the treatment of the CPUC telecommunications reimbursement account fee (User Fee)

Other Telecommunications Taxes and Fees

These taxes and fees are not administered by the CPUC but may be assessed on telecommunications services in California 

Questions, Comments, and Concerns

For inquiries related to telecommunications surcharges, user fees or MTS surcharges please use the contact information provided below:


 Lucia Magana

 Danny Tse

 Nancy Lee

Phone: (415) 696-7308

Phone: (415) 355-5494

Phone: (415) 703-2714

Email:  TelcoSurcharge@cpuc.ca.gov
 User Fee:
Fabiola Robles
Phone:  (415) 696-7362
Email:  userfees@cpuc.ca.gov