The CPUC has addressed vehicle-grid integration through a December 2020 “Decision Concerning Implementation of Senate Bill 676 and Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) Strategies” or Decision (D.) D.20-12-029. The August 2020 CPUC Energy Division VGI staff paper asks for comments (on a number of questions and/or identified potential venues regarding recommendations from the June 2020 VGI Working Group final report.

The Decision ordered three workshops:

  • Energy Division staff hosted a January 2020 workshop on Automatic Load Management
  • California IOUs hosted a March 2020 workshops on potential SB 676 VGI pilots and a March 2020 workshop on increasing EV participation in demand response programs.

As required by D.20-12-029 the California IOUs have released:

(R.18-12-006), a new 2019 VGI Working Group will answer at a minimum:

  1. What VGI use cases can provide value now, and how can that value be captured?
  2. What policies need to be changed or adopted to allow additional use cases to be deployed in the future?
  3. How does the value of VGI use cases compare to other storage or Distributed Energy Resources?

Gridworks VGI Working Group website

Below are the VGI pilots proposed by the IOUs

[1] Draft Comment Resolution E-192
[2]  Public comments