• Filing A Complaint

  • Utility Informal Complaints

    For billing, service and other complaints related to a regulated utility, your first step is to contact the provider directly.  If you cannot resolve the problem after talking with the utility’s customer service, you may file an informal complaint with Consumer Affairs Branch (CAB). 

    File A Complaint Against your Utility

    TNC, Limo, Shuttle or Bus Complaints

    If you have a complaint about a private “passenger carrier” such as a limousine, airport shuttle, or charter bus company, and talking directly with the carrier does not resolve the problem, you can file a complaint with the CPUC.

    How to file a complaint about a Passenger Carrier

    Comments or Complaints About the CPUC

    If you have a comment or complaint about the CPUC (not a complaint about your utility company), you can file it online.

    How to file a comment or complaint about the CPUC

    Formal Complaints

    You can file a formal complaint against a CPUC regulated entity, if you find that the informal complaint process cannot help with your utility issue or you find that you disagree with the decision reached at the end of the informal complaint process.  Certain criteria must be met to file a formal complaint.  

    How to File A Formal Complaint

  • Whistleblower Complaints

    A whistleblower who can be assisted by the CPUC is an employee, contractor, or subcontractor of a company regulated by the Commission who reports his/her employer’s suspected unsafe, unlawful, or dishonest activity.  

    Public Safety Complaints

    If you notice a public safety problem related to gas, electric, cable, telephone, water, or mobile home park utilities – such as a dangling wire or a gas leak – dial 911 and report the problem. After your call, you also have the option to file a complaint with the CPUC. 

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