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Federal Funding Account Public Map, Version 2 Overview

The updated interactive Federal Funding Account Public Map shows locations that have preliminarily been identified as being unserved at the Census Block level for purposes of the Federal Funding Account program. The Public Map enables prospective applicants to view, explore, evaluate, and develop project areas.

In March 2023 the CPUC improved the Public Map by updating the underlying data to better reflect the number of unserved locations. The Public Map has several data layers, including equity measurements (such as identification of disadvantaged communities), unserved locations, and middle mile locations. These layers are described in the Data Dictionary.

The award of up to 20 points, per Decision 22-04-055, Appendix A, Section 3g (“Existing Broadband Service Need”), will be awarded to projects in which 50 percent or more locations have one or more of the following characteristics: low-income areas where aggregated household incomes are less than 80 percent of the state or that county’s median income, “Disadvantaged Communities” as defined by the California Environmental Protection Agency, and/or tribal lands. These areas are visible on the Public Map by selecting the appropriate layers. The Public Map also includes additional optional layers for informational purposes only and will not be used for scoring purposes. For further information, see Decision 22-04-055, Appendix A.

Public Map Feedback

Members of the public, public entities, and communications providers are welcome to contribute feedback on the eligible areas. Public comments may be made directly on the map by clicking on an area, then clicking on the "Add Comment" button, and filling out and submitting the feedback form.

Resources and Data for Public Map

  • Map User Guide: how to use the Public Map to view information and provide comments on potential project areas.

First application window GIS data (updated Oct. 23, 2023):

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Federal Funding Account
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