Application Window Closure and Objection Process

The first application window for the Federal Funding Account closed on September 29, 2023.

Stakeholders will have until November 20, 2023, to file objections via the Broadband Grant Portal to applications submitted during the first application window. An overview of the objection process is available in the Federal Funding Account Administrative Manual, with step-by-step instructions available in Broadband Grant Portal’s User Guide.


Next Steps

The CPUC will be scoring and analyzing applications over the coming months, as well as evaluating any objections to those applications.


Application Affected by the Middle Mile Update: The California Department of Technology (CDT) announced updates to the Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative (MMBI) map on September 15, 2023. The CPUC encouraged applicants to submit their applications by the September 29, 2023, deadline using the middle mile locations as reflected on the CDT’s Statewide Network Map. The CPUC will engage with those applicants to provide guidance in solving for any segments needed to reach the MMBI, if needed.


Application Steps for the Federal Funding Account program

  • Learn about rules and resources on the Federal Funding Account program’s main webpage


Applicant Tool Overview

The Applicant Tool enables potential applicants to select project areas and receive geographic, economic, and business case data that will be beneficial in developing applications for the Federal Funding Account. 

Prospective applicants can examine existing service needs, highlight Census Blocks, and see estimated subsidies for potential projects. The Applicant Tool utilizes cost models for each of California’s more than 710,000 Census Blocks, which provides applicants with accurate estimates for how much their projects will cost and the number of potential customers. Prospective applicants can search for address-level data as they draw project areas with the tool. 

Projects designed in the Applicant Tool can be saved and associated with applications in the Broadband Grant Portal. Users must register for the Applicant Tool to access these functions.


Broadband Grant Portal

The Broadband Grant Portal will accept applications when funding windows are open. The Portal enables eligible entities to apply for Federal Funding Account grants online, upload payment requests, and submit required reports using a web-based system. Applications will only be accepted through the Broadband Grant Portal.

Resource Links

Program Overview

Applicant Tool

Mapping Resources

Broadband Grant Portal

Application Templates



Email questions about the application process to:

To receive updates on the Federal Funding Account program, sign up using the "Statewide Broadband Updates” form available on the right side of the Broadband Implementation for California webpage. 



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