Carriers Subject To Permit / Certificate Requirements

Passenger Carriers

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PASSENGER STAGE CORPORATIONS transport passengers between points on an individual fare basis. Examples are fixed-route bus services and "share-the-ride" airport shuttle services.

VESSEL COMMON CARRIERS transport persons or property between points within the state. Examples are commute ferry service on San Francisco Bay and service between California mainland points and Catalina Island.

 Complete Information and Sample Application Packet for PSC and VCC

CHARTER-PARTY CARRIERS charter their vehicles for the exclusive use of an individual or group. Examples are a group charter of a bus to go to a sporting event and the charter of a limousine for a wedding. Also falling under the charter-party category are some specialized types of passenger carrier services:

  • Round-trip sightseeing service
  • Transportation incidental to another business
  • Transportation under contract to a business, government agency, or private school
  • Transportation of agricultural workers to and from farms

Information and resources for charter-party carrier licensing requirements

Information and resources for hired drivers using rented vehicles - licensing requirements 

TRANSPORTATION NETWORK COMPANIES provide prearranged transportation services for compensation using an online-enabled application or platform (such as smart phone apps) to connect drivers using their personal vehicles with passengers.

Information and resources for transportation network company licensing requirements


Please visit the Insurance Requirements and Insurance Electronic Filing pages for information about filing required insurance information with the Commission.

Carriers Subject To Registration Requirements

INTERSTATE CARRIERS of passengers or used household goods conduct for-hire transportation services from one state to another or to a foreign country. California participates in the Single State Registration System (SSRS).

Former Carrier Types Under CPUC Authority

Effective July 1, 2018, the CPUC authority of Household GoodsPrivate CarriersVessel for Hire, and Commercial Air Operators will be transferred to their new respective agencies. This change was enacted by Senate Bill No. 19 and was approved by the Governor on October 02, 2017. Check here for more information.