Workshop on Demand Charge and Demand Charge Alternatives

In August 27, 2019, the California Public Utilities Commission hosted a workshop on Demand Charge and Alternative to the Demand Charge.  This workshop was part of Application A.19-03-002, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) GRC Phase 2 proceeding.

The objective of the workshop was:

  1. To provide parties with an opportunity to evaluate existing (legacy) Demand Charge structures, and to present alternatives to SDG&E's current DC methodology.
  2. To discuss and establish consensus about the appropriate principles and objectives of demand charge methodology in light of Commission policy goals and an evolving grid.




Introductory Slides, Masoud Foudeh (CPUC)  

Enel X Presentation, Ryan Mann (Enel X)

SEAI Presentation, Tom Beach

SDG&E Presentation, William Saxe and Gwen Morien (SDG&E)

SCE Presentation, Robert Thomas (SCE)

PG&E Presentation, Daniel Pease (PG&E)