2021 Broadband Implementation for California

Governor Gavin Newsom signed historic broadband legislation in July 2021 to help bridge the digital divide and provide reliable and affordable internet access to all Californians. SB 156 (Chapter 112, Statutes of 2021) expands the state’s broadband fiber infrastructure and increases internet connectivity for families and businesses.

The funding provides for $3.25 billion for an open-access statewide broadband middle-mile infrastructure, $2 billion for broadband last-mile infrastructure and $750 million for a loan loss reserve to support local government broadband infrastructure development. The budget summary package is here.


Last-Mile Federal Funding

To complement the middle-mile proposal, the Broadband Package includes funding for a comprehensive strategy to build last-mile infrastructure to provide Californians with access to high-speed broadband service. Read our last-mile fact sheet.


Technical Assistance and Grants

Local government grants for planning and assistance by caseworkers will be available for critical planning and implementation.


Loan Loss Reserve

Expanding the ability of local governments to secure financing to build broadband infrastructure.


Open Access Middle-Mile

Acquire, build, maintain and operate an essential open-access statewide middle-mile network, which will be overseen by the California Department of Technology. More info here

Public comments: Click here to view the public comments the CPUC received on open access middle-mile. 

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2021 Broadband Implementation for California

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